Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Wherein the privacy of data shared by the clients is of valuable concern in the Internet world, we hold a great significance for the privacy of our readers and visitors. The way the visitor’s data is used and managed by is mentioned in this document and these statements are applied to all the services associated with our site.

Below here, we include:

  • Information asked to the visitors to provide
  • Reason to gather information
  • Use of provided information
  • Data Security
  • Choices provided for users
  • Third Party Connections

What Kind of Data are Visitors Asked for?

We ask our clients for their information so that we can improve and enhance our quality of product and services.

Personal Data

The readers are supposed to enter their personal information, like email address, while signing up into social network accounts or subscribing to our weekly email alerts and notifications. Note that this is optional; we don’t make it mandatory for each visitor to provide us their personal information. Some of our services require the link to your social network accounts such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In that case, you will have to log in to your respective account and our access to those details will depend on your account’s privacy settings. However, we have complete access to the direct information that you enter.

Other Technical Information

Some of the technical details are automatically collected when the visitors respond to the interactive activities on our site. We find it of great use to keep records about which services our customers use and what kind of choices they make on our activities. We may use cookies, which get stored on your hard drive through your web browser, when you visit our site. This is particularly done to record your browser information and keep track of your movement and selections on our site. Through server logs, we may store the details of your search queries, IP (Internet Protocol) Address, Operating System, type of browser used to access, etc. If you visit our site through your mobile, the technical details of the device will be collected. Our advertising networks may use cookie or beacon to gather and verify aggregated information about our readers.

Why We Collect Information?

The basic reason behind gathering visitor’s data is to overall enhance the site’s performance in every single aspect.

We use your information:

  • To build up and provide new services: When you move through different sections and categories of site, we record the information of your areas of interest. Based on that we get brief idea as to what maximum of our readers are keen to learn and what kind of more knowledge do they expect from our site. Hence, we can develop new services and opportunities for our visitors so that they can best be benefited with the conceptual details, offerings and suggestions we provide.
  • To help you solve your queries: When you contact us for any query or feedback, we keep the record of the communication. We wish to answer your questions and help you out with any doubt regarding our content. We need your email address to respond you, to make you aware about our upcoming events, to send you newsletter emails if you apply, etc and that’s why we collect your personal data.
  • To maintain the quality of our products and services: By interacting with our readers we get to know the current progress status of our website. Attending to your feedbacks will help us in improving our tutorials and reviews content.
  • To support our advertising needs: We gather the information of our readers and this aggregated data is used to support our advertising requirements. We use your information to give you more appropriate search results and ads. Thus, free services can be offered once the ads needs are fulfilled.

When do We Share the Information?

The personal information collected about our readers is safe with us. We protect the data and don’t disclose it to any third party without your consent. However, there are some conditions when this information needs to be shared with other companies.

On strict Governmental request for detection or investigation we are supposed to disclose our visitors’ personal information according to the laws and orders. The personal information may be shared with our analysts to carry out external process of our services. In case we collaborate or even hand over our site entirely to other organization we need to open up all our clients’ data, both personal and technical. Note that, before doing this, all our connected users will be notified about the transfer.

Safety and Security of Data

We try our best possible to secure all the information associated to our assets. The maintenance of our site holds the prime responsibility of protection of our readers’ information. However, complete assurance can’t be given, thus the users should protect their account information as their own dominion. We may use cookies to get known to your preferences and selections. Note that the comment area is a public section and is visible and accessible to all the visitors.

Some Choices Given To Visitors

  • Our users are free to update their submitted details if they later realize that it’s wrong or mistyped.
  • In case of change in information, they can provide their new details which the old one will get replaced with.
  • If you don’t feel to connect with our site anymore, then you can unsubscribe the Email Newsletter.
  • You may even block all the cookies related to our site services but this may disable proper working of any of our web pages.

Third Party Issues

This Privacy Policy document is applicable only to website. It does not include any term that can be applied for the products and services displayed or advertised on our site by any other company. For example, neither the privacy settings of any Social Network site can be controlled nor that on any advertisements.

Alterations in Privacy Policy

Few privacy terms may keep on changing in this rapidly growing Web World. Consequently, we may update our privacy policy anytime. We expect the readers to visit this page periodically so that they get aware about the changes made. If some major terms get modified, we may inform our customers through email.

Contact Us

You can visit our Contact Us page for any query regarding our privacy policy terms.